Pan/Tilt/Zoom Dome Cameras

NPan/Tilt/Zoom Cameraeed higher resolution to view license plates? Have a large area to view? Need to stop drive-offs? A high resolution Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera may be the option for you.

Pant/Tilt/Zoom cameras (PTZ’s), can pan 360 degrees and tilt 180 degrees, moving left and right / up & down to cover large areas. Each of these cameras also has anywhere from a 10 power zoom lens all the way up to a 35 power zoom lens.

Mobile Lock & Security offers PTZ’s ranging from our economical 10x PTZ, perfect for catching convenience store drive-offs,

If you need the ultimate in resolution we can even set you up with a Megapixel PTZ that offers true digital resolution. Each of our PTZ’s is manually controllable through a joystick, and can also be controlled remotely through most of our DVR options.

Mobile Lock & Security works with our customers to maximize the deterrence factor of their camera systems. We provide signs and decals to promote the fact your property is being recorded, decreasing the likelihood that theft or vandalism will occur.